Mind's Garden 

Positive Transformation Guided Meditation 

What is it? 

Drawing on Psychoanalysis and Positive Psychology, Mind's Garden Positive Transformation Guided Meditation is a 5-part immersive program that aims to empower people with the tools to find and learn to use their inner power for positive and powerful life change.

This Program is about observation, observing the coming and going of thoughts, feelings and emotions from moment to moment, without any judgement. It is about discovery, discovering for yourself that your thoughts, emotions, fear and doubts are not you, they don’t define or validate you; and that you’re already complete, connected and free.

It is about change, changing your old negative thinking habits by consciously working with (not struggling against) your own mind, thus empowering yourself to respond more effectively to the challenges and demands of everyday life. It is about growth, growing a clearer understanding of who you are, accepting yourself just the way you are and learning to infuse your mind with deep awareness, loving kindness, positivity, strength and rock solid confidence.

It is about togetherness, sharing together with likeminded people from all kinds of backgrounds, opening yourself up to many stories, perspectives and experiences, and feeling a profound sense of connectedness with your fellow humans. It is about celebration, celebrating our life just as it is, celebrating the kindness and goodness around us and celebrating being alive on our beautiful Mother Earth.

Who can participate? 

Whether you're a complete beginner in meditation, or you have been practicing for some time, or you're already an experienced meditation teacher, this Program will empower you with knowledge, wisdom, strength and a fresh perspective on your true self. You may make discoveries about yourself that you may not like, you may be challenged and find yourself facing the unknown. You may experience stronger feelings of anger or sadness, since paying attention in a conscious way to your thoughts and feelings and being encouraged to talk or write about them— perhaps for the first time—can highlight your emotions.

These are perfectly natural and healthy responses as your practice develops during this program, our experienced teachers will be right there to help you move through them with deep awareness and loving kindness towards yourself.


Remember that you and only you hold the key to positive self-transformation in your own hand and it’s your responsibility to turn that key. But you are not alone. Learn to let others in. Take one step at a time. Pace yourself. Ask for help when needed. We are all in this TOGETHER.

This Program is offered in the form of classes, workshops and transformation retreats to a global audience and has been a part of many people’s transformation journeys. If you’re willing to put in the work on building a happier & more fulfilling life for yourself, then by all means join in!