Mind's Garden Retreats

Mind's Garden is taking our 5-day Positive Transformation retreats to beautiful Bali, Portugal, Spain and China this year! 


These soul-nourishing, emotional-cleansing, and body-detoxing retreats are expertly designed to transform all areas of your life by guiding you to discover and grow your inner power for positive and powerful life change. Embark on these beautiful 5-day journeys for yourself to explore what it truly means to deeply relax, rejuvenate, take care of your body & mind and blossom into the best version of yourself.


These retreats are for those who are open to positive life change and are willing to put in the work on conscious, healthy and mindful eating, living and being.

We tailor theses retreats into personalised company organised trips for employees, wellbeing & networking programs for corporate executives as well as health & culture retreats for self-organised groups. Drop us a note to find out more! 



Tibetan Meditation, Multi-style Yoga & Oriental Cultural Awakening Retreat 


 Coming Soon! 

 Bali, Indonesia 

All Year Round

Holistic Wellbeing, Yoga, Guided Meditation & Mental Health Retreat


 Coming Soon!